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TSG AI ,providing you with the insights and confidence to integrate AI technology into your systems for optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness. TSG takes the mystery out of emerging AI, helping you to improve and upgrade your data sets, refine data quality, scalability, and privacy. TSG AI gets you ‘AI Ready’.

TSG Start in action

TSG AI in action


We help shape a comprehensive AI use policy tailored to your needs, establishing a forward-looking philosophy and practices, that change as the technology advances. Moreover, we ensure compliance with relevant legislation, such as the EU’s Artificial Intelligence Act.

Our risk mitigation strategies address bias in data analysis, particularly protected characteristics under UK law, to safeguard against inaccuracies that could impact AI’s machine learning capabilities. We see AI complementing existing workforce capabilities, enhancing productivity while reducing operational time.



  • Articulating AI behaviour and expectations
  • Providing assistance with training and initial data seeding
  • Assuring live behaviour is in line with what you expect it to be
  • Communicating risk profiles and regulatory obligations to stakeholders effectively

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